On February 8th, 2014, the Governor of Coahuila Ruben Moreira and the Assistant Attorney Juan José Yañez informed FUUNDEC and representatives of the UN Human Rights High Commissioner and the National Commission of Human rights about the recent search operations for the disappeared taking place in the northern region of the state of Coahuila. The governor affirmed that heavy machinery was not used in the operation, and journalists were not allowed in the search zone. He also mentioned that appropriate protocols for the collection of evidence were followed.

However, appropriate protocols were not followed as it was revealed by a news report released by the American channel Univision. The video shows how evidence was not preserved, the crime scene was not protected and heavy machinery was used. These practices are not compatible with international search protocols and diminish the possibilities of finding the disappeared and arrest those responsible for their disappearance. To the families of the victims, this search operation is more of a public relations strategy rather than a genuine effort to assist the victims and their families. For that reason, FUUNDEC decided to suspend any dialogue and consultation with state and federal authorities until the Governor of Coahuila and the General Commissioner of the Federal Police Enrique Galindo give FUUNDEC an explanation for the lack of appropriate protocol in the search operations.

FUUNDEC also asks international organizations for their assistance in the collection, classification and preservation of evidence that results from search operations. (In press release from January 31, 2014, FUUNDEC suggested the Government of Coahuila to join the Agreement of Collaboration for the Identification of Human Remains with the Attorney-in-General’s Office. This agreement was already used in the massacres of San Fernando and Cadereyta. The goal of this agreement is the creation of a Commission of Forensic Experts led by Argentina’s group of forensic anthropologists, which includes international and national forensic experts).

FUUNDEC is also organizing a “Truth Caravan” to demand results and the implementation of appropriate search protocols to state authorities. The caravan will depart from Torreon Coahuila on February 14th, 2014 and arrive the same day at the city of Saltillo, capital of the state.

Please contact the Governor of Coahuila on twitter @GobDeCoahuila and the Federal police @SSP_mx to show your support to the families in their protest.

Positive outcomes from civil society’s peaceful struggle.

Press Release CADHAC 23 December 2013 BP No. 1312/40

On December 19th, 2013, a judge in the state of Nuevo León granted federal protection and an amparo to María Elva Garza Ríos and Janeth de Jesús Olazarán Balderas. They are the mother and daughter respectively of Jehú Abraham Sepúlveda Garza, a victim of enforced disappearance. María Elva and Janeth, with the support of CADHAC, filed a law suit against a state judge’s decision to release the suspects of enforced disappearance of Jehú. The writ of amparo refers to the ability of victims of crime to claim that a court’s decision is unconstitutional. This means that a new court decision has to be issued in relation to the suspects of the disappearance of Jehú. For more information on this press release, please read the version in Spanish

Press Release December 21, 2013 FUUNDEC mourns the death of Alma Solís Fuentes

maria guadalupe

We deep sadness we say good bye to our friend Alma Solís Fuentes, who passed away on December 20th, 2013 in the city of Torreón, Coahuila. She is the mother of Juan Antonio Ornelas Solís, who was disappeared on April 9th, 2009. Alma’s heart did not survive the pain and sadness caused by the disappearance of her son. Her spirit is still with us and our struggle to find the disappeared.

Fuerzas Unidas por Nuestros Desaparecidos en Coahuila


Family (a member of FUNDEM) intimidated by police in Queretaro @gobqro

On November 1st, a family, which is a member of United Forces for Our Disappeared in Mexico, was a victim of intimidations by the municipal, state and investigation police of Querétaro.


When the family asked the police why they were there, police officers responded that they received orders from above (de más arriba) to come to their home to make sure the family did not have unauthorized weapons. This family has been at the center of protests to pressure authorities in Queretaro to search for its missing relative and the relatives of other families in the state of Queretaro, who have also been disappeared.

FUNDEM indicated that other families in the country that belong to their organization have been victims of similar acts of intimidations and attacks.

In FUNDEM’s words: “We demand the Governor and the Attorney in General of the state of Queretaro to take measure to guarantee the safety of the family that was victim of intimidation…”

If you want to help to protect the family, send a message to the Government of Queretaro through twitter


Or e-mail

Governor of Queretaro, Lic. José Eduardo Calzada Roviros


State Attorney General, Arsenio Durán Becerra